Simple snacking with Supersweet 100

Supersweet 100 ©2013 Beth Billstrom

Supersweet 100 ©2013 Beth Billstrom

These Supersweet 100  tomatoes should be called Supersweet Gazillion tomatoes because that’s how many I’ll soon have of them.   These little gems are less than one inch in diameter.  Just as their name indicates they are sweeter than average with less pucker-power than typical cherry tomatoes.  I keep them in a basket on the counter for easy snacking.

In the garden, they grow in clusters like grapes.  If you’d like to try growing vegetables vertically, Supersweet 100s are a great candidate for growing in bags attached to poles.  (That’s my plan for next year.) The clusters of fruit will hang down in bunches giving your garden a country charm you never thought possible.  Or, you can grow them in the ground and attach the leaders to poles.  They grow fast, so you’ll have to pay attention.  I wasn’t watching close enough this year, and they got away from me extending vines throughout my garden.  They’ll be fine, but next year I’ll be more on it!  Thankfully my “oops” is covered by their resistance to disease….even sprawled throughout my garden they are healthy.   Now that’s super sweet!

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    • Very Simple. I put a little organic fertilizer on them (Milorganite) at the beginning of the season. Then I keep the watered, thinned and weeded. That’s it!

    • I hear you….so many varieties to choose from, but these are one of the best! I’m already looking forward to next year’s harvest, too!

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